Valiente, Doreen – Witchcraft for Tomorrow

Valiente, Doreen – Witchcraft for Tomorrow
Paperback | USA Edition | 1987
The current popularity of Wicca has resulted in many books being published on various aspects of this ancient religion. A great number of these books are based on the authors’ own personal belief system and have no real connection the the original teachings. Doreen Valiente and gerald Gardner were responsible for bringing Wicca into the twentieth century and, in their books, provide details based on the original ancient traditions, thus retaining the magic and vitality of this old religion.
Witchcraft for Tomorrow includes the following topics:
– The Old Gods
– Witch Festivals
– Witch Signs and Symbols
– The Magic Circle
– Witch Tools
– Methods of Witch Divination
– Witches’ Attire
– The Working Site
– Witchcraft and Sex Magic
Also included is the ‘Book of Shadows’ which covers many more formerly secret rites: Casting the Circle; Initiation; Full Moon Rituals; Sabbat Rites; Spells; Invocation of the Goddess and the God; Chants and dances; and much more.
Doreen is also the author of An ABC of Witchcraft and Natural Magic.