Durham Wilson, Sarah – van Maagd naar Moeder

A3Boeken 160 blz. ISBN: 9789491557712

De brug van Maagd naar Moeder is kapot. Toen de godinnencultuur werd gestolen en begraven, verdwenen voor vrouwen ook de rites de passage naar hun wilde, intuïtieve vrouwelijkheid en volwassenheid. Met Van Maagd naar Moeder delft Sarah Durham Wilson deze oude rites weer op en begeleidt ze vrouwen tijdens deze heilige en belangrijke initiatie van de onvolwassen Maagd naar de archetypische Moeder – de krachtige en bescherming biedende vrouwelijke levenskracht vol compassie die in ons allen aanwezig is. Met persoonlijke verhalen, rituelen, lessen en oefeningen helpt Wilson ons onze innerlijke Maagd te helen en over de drempel naar de levensfase van volle bloei, die van de Moeder, te stappen.

Gedurende deze reis word je begeleid door de Soemerische godin Inanna. Door haar verblijf in de onderwereld kon ze de confrontatie met haar schaduwen aangaan en kwam ze geheeld en vol kracht weer tevoorschijn. Terwijl we met haar reizen, ontdekken we een archetypische routebeschrijving naar onze innerlijke kracht en heelheid.

Het is ons aller geboorterecht om Moeder te worden, ongeacht of we kinderen grootbrengen of niet. De Moeder is degene die we als kind nodig hebben, wie we voorbestemd zijn te worden in dit leven en wie de wereld nu nodig heeft.

Crowley, Aleister – 777 and other Qabalistic Writings

ISBN: 9780877286707 Samuel Weiser Inc.

“Edward Alexander (Aleister) Crowley (Leamington Spa, 12 oktober 1875 – Hastings, 1 december 1947) was een Brits esotericus, schrijver, bergbeklimmer, dichter en yogabeoefenaar. Hij was een invloedrijk lid van verschillende occulte organisaties, waaronder de Golden Dawn en de Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) Hij is vooral bekend wegens zijn occulte geschriften, in het bijzonder The Book of the Law en verwierf door zijn losbandig leven een kwalijke reputatie die hem de bijnaam ‘The Wickedest Man In the World’ bezorgde. Crowley was een bijzonder vruchtbaar schrijver, niet alleen over thelema en magie, maar ook over filosofie, politiek en cultuur. Alleen al met de gedichten en toneelstukken die hij in zijn twintiger jaren schreef zou hij zich tot een schrijverscarrière hebben kunnen beperken. Hij liet ook een groot aantal persoonlijke brieven na en een dagboek. Veel van zijn boeken publiceerde hij onder eigen beheer, waarbij hij het grootste deel van zijn geërfd fortuin investeerde om zijn visie te kunnen verspreiden. 

Fitch, Ed – A Grimoire of Shadows

ISBN: 9781567186598 Llewellyn Publications

For years it circulated among initiates of Wicca. It was borrowed, adapted, modified, and used. A Grimoire of Shadows by Ed Fitch is truly one of the great underground classics of modern Witchcraft. Now it is available for the first time in its complete original form. Directly or indirectly, this book has helped to start hundreds of Wiccan traditions – maybe more! Now you can read and study it yourself.

A Grimoire of Shadows is a thorough introduction to magick, ritual, and Neo-Paganism. Originally created as an alternative cycle of rituals for the Gardnerian Craft, it is a complete, self-contained system of magickal training based on Tibetan, Austrian, and ancient Pagan sources.

In A Grimoire of Shadows you will learn about the aura, astral projection, herbalism, Wyvern covens, and Witch-prayers. Magic circles, amulets and charms, invocation and evocation techniques – every aspect of basic Craft practice is outlined and explained clearly and completely. That is why this book is considered one of the most important books in the history of Wicca.

The author, Ed Fitch, is one of the major figures in modern Wicca and Neo-Paganism. In A Grimoire of Shadows, he reveals material never before made public, including an essential guide to starting and operating your own coven. If that is your goal, this book is a must.

But A Grimoire of Shadows is not just for beginners. It gives you all of the information up to the level of the “Inner Court.” This is a must for all Wiccans and Neo-Pagans, as its lore and knowledge will help round out what you already know and give structure to your studies.

You will find yourself referring to A Grimoire of Shadows again and again. It has proven its worth through decades of successful use by people all over the world. Get this book and use it.

Penczak, Christopher – The Temple of High Witchcraft

ISBN: 9780738717531 Llewellyn Publications,U.S.

This is foremost an engaging textbook designed for home schooling the advancing witch, and it is encyclopedic in its rituals, charts, and even homework assignments. –Publishers Weekly Take your spiritual evolution to the next level by mastering the essentials of ceremonial magick. In this much-anticipated fourth volume in Christopher Penczak’s award-winning series on witchcraft, he introduces the concepts of the Qabalah and the rituals of high magick, and explores the deeply interwoven relationship between these traditions and the Craft. The teachings in this book correspond to the element of Air, guiding you into the realm of creative and critical thinking, communication, knowledge, and truth. Four preliminary chapters introduce the basic concepts, history, and skills you will need for your journey. Next, twelve formal lessons, in the witches’ traditional year-and-a-day format, provide instruction in the fundamentals of ceremonial magic: The Qabalah The Tree of Life Symbol and sigil magick Elemental constructs Qabalistic Cross The four worlds and their correspondences Middle Pillar Pathworking The Ritual of the Rosy Cross Invoking and banishing rituals Fluid condensers Barbarous words of power, magickal constructs, and the Goetia The book’s thirteenth lesson culminates in a ritual initiation fusing the traditions of witchcraft and high magick–the creation of your own Reality Map. The cosmology you create will be based on your own spiritual experiences as well as the philosophies and practices of ceremonial magick.

D’Este Sorita – Circle for Hekate; volume 1

ISBN: 9781910191071 Published by Avalonia

In Circle for Hekate – Volume I: History & Mythologythe author draws together scholarly research from a wide range of sources, highlighting the manifold and universal nature of this extraordinary goddess. The book serves as a comprehensive introduction to her many myths and legends, viewed through the Divine Ancestry attributed to her in Hesiod’s Theogony (800-700BCE), as well as an exploration of her conflation with other goddesses, archaeology, literature, and iconography.

Hekate’s worship was never limited to one geographical region. Her presence is well attested in Greece and Turkey, as well as Egypt, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Sicily and Southern Italy. She has possible links to Minoan Crete, her most famous temple stood in Lagina, and she was a popular goddess in ancient Athens. Her history reveals many fascinating stories: how Hekate Phosphoros saved ancient Byzantium from an invasion by Phillip II of Macedonia (father of Alexander the Great); and how a visit to her temple in Ephesus influenced Julian the Apostate, the last Pagan Emperor of Rome.

Hekate was connected to Artemis, Demeter, Persephone, Isis, Diana, Despoina and other significant goddesses, appearing in single-and triple-bodied forms, as well as theriocephalic emanations with the heads of various animals. She shared the symbols of the torch, whip, snake and dagger with the Erinyes, and wielded the key to the Mysteries, wearing variously the modius, polos, kalathos and Phrygian cap.  She shared paeans with Dionysos, stood with Hermes at the throne of the Phrygian Kybele, and sat next to Zeus in the cult of the Empty Throne. Far from being an obscure goddess, her torches illuminated the Mysteries at Eleusis, Samothrace, Aegina and Ephesus, leading the way for initiates.

Suitable for reading as a standalone text by those fascinated in the history and myths related to Hekate, Circle for Hekate: History & Mythology also serves as background reading for those wishing to pursue a more practical understanding of the goddess, providing a clear contextual foundation for practice. Subsequent volumes in this series build upon the foundation provided in this first book to include devotional rites, meditations, contemplations and charms, giving readers the opportunity to develop their own personal understandings and relationships with this goddess.

About the Author
Sorita d’Este 
is an author, researcher and priestess who has devoted her life to the Mysteries. She is the author of numerous books on both the practice and history of magic, plus mythology, folklore and witchcraft. 
In late 2000 she co-founded the StarStone Network with David Rankine, which was dedicated to the study of Initiatory Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magic and the Mysteries of Hekate. With him she co-authored Hekate: Liminal Rites (2009), a compendium of magical practices historically associated with Hekate. With contributions from students, friends and practitioners from around the world she compiled Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads (2006) and Hekate: Her Sacred Fires (2010). In 2010 she wrote the Rite of Her Sacred Fires, a simple devotional ceremony which has become a worldwide annual celebration in honour of Hekate, celebrated at the Full Moon of May each year by many hundreds of people and now translated into 30 languages. She is also the Keybearer and founder of the Covenant of Hekate – www.hekatecovenant.com.
Sorita lives on a hill in Glastonbury from where she works as a publisher and writer. She is often distracted from work by her son, her love of gardening, and interesting visitors from different spiritual and esoteric persuasions. 

D’Este Sorita & David Rankine – Hekate; Liminal Rites

ISBN: 9781905297238 Published by Avalonia

At the crossroads of life, death and rebirth stands the Goddess Hekate. Honoured by men, women and gods alike, traces of her ancient provenance reach back through the millennia providing clues about her nature and origins along the way. Depictions of her as three-formed facing in three ways, sometimes with the heads of animals such as the horse, dog and snake hint at her liminal nature, as well as the powers she holds over the triple realms of earth, sea and sky. The sorcery of Medea and Circe, the witchcraft of the women of Thessaly, and the writings of philosophers such as Hesiod and Porphyry, all provide glimpses into the world of those who honoured her. Her magical powers were considered so great that even King Solomon became associated with her, she was incorporated into Jewish magic, and merged with other goddesses including Artemis, Selene, Bendis and the Egyptian Isis.

Whilst for some she was the Witch Goddess, for others she was the ruler of angels and daimons, who made predictions about Jesus and Christianity. Wherever you look, be it in the texts of Ancient Greece and Rome, Byzantium or the Renaissance, the Greek Magical Papyri or the Chaldean Oracles, you will find Hekate. The magical whir of the strophalos and the barbarous words of the voces magicae carry her message; the defixiones, love spells and charms all provide us with examples of the magic done in her name.

She was also associated with the magic of death, including necromancy and reanimation; as well as prophetic dreams, nightmares, healing herbs and poisons. The temples dedicated to her and the important role she played in the mysteries of Eleusis, Samothrace and Aigina all provide us with clues to her majesty. The popular shrines at the doorways of ordinary people, offerings left at the crossroads, and guardian statues of her at the entranceways to cities and temples all attest to her status in the hearts and minds of those who knew her mysteries.

In this book the authors draw from a wide range of sources, bringing together historical research which provides insights into the magical and religious practices associated with this remarkable Goddess. In doing so they provide an indispensable guide for those wishing to explore the mysteries of Hekate today.

About the Authors

Sorita d’Este and David Rankine are esoteric researchers, mythologists and modern-day magicians who have between them authored more than twenty published books on magic, mythology, folklore and the occult.

Sorita is the editor of the anthology “HEKATE KEYS TO THE CROSSROADS” and the author of Artemis: Virgin Goddess of the Sun & Moon. Together they have produced titles such as Visions of the Cailleach, The Isles of the Many Gods and The Guises of the Morrigan.

D’Este Sorita – Hekate; Keys to the Crossroads

ISBN: 9781905297092 Published by Avalonia

HEKATE – Keys to the Crossroads A collection of personal essays, invocations, rituals, recipes and artwork from modern Witches, Priestesses and Priests who work with Hekate, the Ancient Greek Goddess of Witchcraft, Magick and Sorcery. Hekate is one of the most fascinating Goddesses of the Ancient World. Loved, feared, hated and worshipped by people throughout history, the Witch Goddess of the Crossroads, facing three-ways, with her three faces, remains an image of power and awe in the modern world today, amongst those who understand and respect her power. This book “Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads” brings together the experiences and perceptions of more than twenty modern day Witches, Priestesses and Priests all of whom work with this awesome Greek Goddess in the UK today. Through their essays, rituals and artwork they present a unique view into the realms of this multi-faceted and popular Goddess. Part I – Hekate’s History, Myths & Powers Here author and Priestess, Sorita D’Este, presents a detailed and comprehensive study of the history, myths and powers of Hekate. This invaluable section offers the reader insights to some of the roles, relationships and powers Hekate held in the Ancient World. Part II – Hekate’s Witches This section contains essays by sixteen Witches, Priestesses and Priests who work with Hekate on a regular basis. Each contribution is as unique as the person who wrote it, clearly illustrating through both their differences and similarities that the many faces presented by Hekate in the ancient world continue on today in the twenty-first century. Hekate is a Goddess of transformation, initiation, childbirth, death and rebirth. She is the Mistress of Magick, Witchcraft and Sorcery. She is the key-bearing Goddess of Night who illuminates the paths through the mysteries with her bright torches, guarding the entranceways and guiding travellers through the realms of Heaven, Earth and Sea. Powerful and respected by Gods and mortals alike, she has the power to bestow gifts and blessings upon those who call upon her with honour and truth. Part III – Recipes, Rites & Rituals A collection of modern invocations, pathworkings, incense and food recipes, together with a group mystery play of the Abduction of Persephone by Hades in which Hekate plays a key role. Combining the best of research with a wide range of experiences this compact volume opens doorways in to many of Hekate’s realms. It is a unique journey – enchanting, funny, scary, magickal and daring, challenging and informative. Whether you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with the perceptions you will find within, one thing is certain: there is always more to learn and experience when it comes to Hekate

Hese Balten van, Corrie – Op reis met de tarot

€ 22,50
Corrie van Hese Balten
17 x 24 cm, 240 pagina’s
ISBN 978 94 91557 65 1

Op reis met de tarot gaat uit van de Rider Waite Tarot van Arthur Edward Waite en Pamela Colman Smith. Als Rozenkruiser en lid van de Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn waren beiden ingewijd in de (hermetische) kennis van oude culturen en mysteriën. Corrie van Hese Balten heeft zich decennia verdiept in die oude kennis en deelt deze in dit boek. Zij duidt de kaarten onder meer naar symboliek, numerologie, de elementen, licht en schaduw. Ze gaat in op de universele wijsheid per kaart en laat die volgen door een persoonlijke bespiegeling. Voorts biedt ze per kaart een visualisatie (Grote Arcana) en een oefening (beide Arcana’s), die je inspireren en uitnodigen om buiten je comfortzone de diepte in te duiken. Om je spirituele kracht en natuurlijke gaven te herwinnen. Om jezelf te helen, te transformeren en te versterken. Om je angsten te doorzien en obstakels die je tegenhouden je unieke licht te schijnen, te begrijpen. Om je pijn in kracht te transformeren en te ontdekken hoeveel wijsheid je zelf al in pacht hebt.

Met Op reis met de tarot overstijgt Corrie van Hese Balten het reguliere tarothandboek. Het leest op onderdelen als een spirituele ontdekkingsreis, het is ook een werkboek en kan zelfs op zichzelf als orakelboek worden gebruikt.

Stam, Petra – De Maan – 66 mystieke kaarten voor bewustwording

€ 24,50
Petra Stam
66 kaarten (9,5 x 13,8 cm)
ISBN 978 94 91557 16 3

De Maan beroert ons innerlijk, beïnvloedt onze gevoelens en prikkelt ons intuïtieve weten. De afbeeldingen op deze kaarten werpen licht op je onderbewuste en geven de zachte fluistering van je ziel een stem. De teksten (een stelling, een vraag en een actie) maken je bewust van een actueel thema en zetten je aan je innerlijke krachten te ontwikkelen. Waar je aandacht heengaat, volgt je bewustzijn en waar je licht op werpt, dat wordt zichtbaar. Deze mystieke kaarten geven je handvatten om je dromen te verwezenlijken en stimuleren je te zijn wie je bent in al je kwetsbaarheid, kracht en grootheid.

Gebruik deze kaarten van Petra Stam als een gids of inspirator op je aardse en spirituele pad. Ontdek je potentie en onderneem de actie die nodig is om die te versterken. De kaarten resoneren met wat jij onbewust al weet, maar nu bewust kunt worden en neerzetten in de wereld.

Het spel bevat 66 Maankaarten en enkele kaarten met gebruiksaanwijzing, leggingen en tips.