Valiente, Doreen – Natural Magic

Valiente, Doreen – Natural Magic
184¬†pagina’s | Robert Hale Ltd | New edition | januari 1999
Did you know that the thickness of the layers in a locally grown onion will indicate the severity of the coming winter?
Magic is all around us, in stones, flowers, stars, the dwan wind and the sunset cloud. All we need is to develop the ability to see it, understand it, and apply it. Magic works because of nature’s laws, not in spite of them and Doreen Valiente shows us how to pratice the age-old white magic which has been familiar to the Wise Ones for centuries.
Tap the magic of:
– Herbs and Flowers
– Amulets and Talismans
– Water, Air, Earth and Fire
– Card reading
– Numbers and Colors
– Weather predicting
– Love relationships
– Dreams
– Birds and Animals
– Traditional spells
– and much more
Magic is meant to help people and Natural Magic, essentially a practical treatise revealing the magic inherent in human life and nature, shows that magic can be for everyone. Both those who are new to the practice of magic and those with experience will find it to be delightful reading and an informative handbook for use in daily life.