Farrar, Janet & Stewart and Gavin Bone – Discovering witchcraft Complete (DVD)

The Witches’ Voice, August 23rd, 1998

This video is inspirational, magical and very much earth based. Thank you Janet, Stewart and Gavin for this intimate look into your lives and for making us proud to call ourselves Witches.

Product Description

Featuring Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone, these films are for all those interested in the paths of Magic and Witchcraft. Introduced and produced by leading authorities in their fields, these new films are exceptionally detailed in their explanations of what Magic and Wicca really mean, and provide significant insights into the actual practice of the Western Mystery Traditions. The aim throughout has been to produce a series which will be of genuine value to solo practitioners, new groups, and lone students alike. This new film, the first in a series featuring well-known authors Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone, was filmed entirely in Ireland, amid a magical landscape of ancient stone circles, 5,000-year old tombs, abandoned castles and rock carvings. Produced to professional standards, it follows the studies of a new initiate to the Craft, as she begins her exploration of the four mystical elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire and the inner, sp! iritual realities they represent. For the very first time, you can accompany a new student of Wicca as Janet, Stewart and Gavin explain the symbolism and use of the Witches magical tools, the pentacle, cup, wand, athame and sword, and join her as she learns to work with Earth Energies by dowsing and meditation at ancient Places of Power. Contents include:The origins of modern Wicca What witches believe Scrying and divination Witchcraft and healing Traditional herbal lore The tools of witchcraft The meaning of ritual The meaning and symbolism of the Elements Earth energy and places of power Invocation of the Goddess