Farrar, Janet – Seanachai: Modern Celtic Fairy Stories (DVD)

Seanachai: Modern Celtic Fairy Stories
Over the last 15 years, Janet Farrar (best known for her books on Witchcraft) has gained a reputation as a storyteller among those who have seen her perform in this role at festivals and conferences in the US and Europe. After much demand, she has released some of her favourite stories on DVD. Produced and directed by Gavin Bone, her partner, this set of Modern Celtic Fairy stories, many written by Janet, includes scenes of Ireland, the land of the mists and fairy folk, set to music invoking the spirit of the Celtic Lands. These stories include:

  • Onessa: One of a Janet’s own stories. An ancient Goddess of Scotland is banished by a Christian monk and becomes a well-known legend, which passes down the ages, waiting to be awakened.
  • Peter Kagan and the Wind: A traditional story passed down by the fishing folk of the Celtic Isles. A Selkie – a seal woman – marries a fisherman who challenges the North Wind and loses. She makes the ultimate sacrifice for her love.
  • John O’Malley and the Banshee: A story by Janet. An Irish American expects to be carried away by his beautiful family Banshee when he dies but gets the shock of his life – or death – when she appears and admonishes his for his behaviour!
  • Jack Be Nimble: A story by Janet’s father, rewritten by Janet. A young welsh boy has a visitation during a fever. As an old man, the visitor returns when he is dying, and is not what he first seemed to be!
  • As I was going to St. Ives: A short traditional mystery rhyme from Cornwall. ‘Kits, Cats, Sacks, and Wives…’