Cannon Reed, Ellen – The heart of wicca

The heart of wicca
Wise words from a crone on the path
Takes us beyond many of the currently popularized ideas and images related to the nature of Wiccan beliefs and practices. It guides us past the surface into a deeper understanding of the lifestyle, mind set, and religious dedication to spiritual growth that lie at the heart of this life-transforming practice. Reed tells us about life in a coven, training, rituals, initiations, finding a teacher, and spell-casting.

Cannon Read, Ellen – The witches Qabala

The witches qabala
The pagan path and the Tree of Life

Because the classic writings on the Qabala have been expressed primarily in the terminology of the Western Mystery Tradition or in terms of the ceremonial magician, its usefulness as a tool for the Craft has been overlooked. With this book, Ellen Cannon Reed, a High Priestess of the Isian tradition, brings the symbolism of the Qabala into a new light so pagans can see its value and use it to enhance the Great Work. Reed explains the Tree of Life, the primary symbol used to represent the universal energies as “revealed” by the Qabala, and how its spheres and paths correspond to elements in the pagan tradition. Teachers can use the Qabala to understand the growth of students and their problems, using the Vices and Virtues to recognize stages of growth. Reed also provides exercises, meditations, and encouragement to students who are studying without a teacher. She discusses the Qabala as it appears in everyday life, which spheres of the Tree of Life to use for specific workings, and details two rituals using the Tree: a Dedication to the Journey, and the Rite of mending Love. Reed’s command of the material allows teachers and students alike to gain powerful insight into their own search for spirituality.


Cunningham, Scott – Book of shadows

Book of shadows
Tha path of an American Traditionalist
“Wiccan readers will treasure this blast from the past as one final word from the revered teacher.”—Library Journal
Llewellyn is pleased to present a new Scott Cunningham book—a long-lost Book of Shadows. Recently discovered in a battered manila envelope, this previously unpublished manuscript was penned by Scott in the early 1980s. This rare book includes original spells, rituals, and invocations and an herbal grimoire. Featured in the design are Scott’s actual hand-drawn signs, symbols, and runes.
More than ten years after his passing, Scott Cunningham is still an iconic and highly regarded figure in the magical community. His books on Wicca are considered classics, and his writings continue to inspire and inform those new to the Craft.

Buckland, Ray – Advanced candle magick

Advanced candle magick
More spells and rituals for every purpose

Seize control of your destiny with the simple but profound practice of Advanced Candle Magick. Ray Buckland’s first book on candle magick Practical Candleburning Rituals  explained the basic techniques of directing positive forces and  making things happen.  In Advanced Candle Magick, you’ll use advanced spells, preparatory work, visualization and astrology to improve and enhance your results. Create a framework conducive to potent spellwork through the use of planetary hours, days of the week, herb and stone correspondences, and color symbolism. Create positive changes in your relationships, finances, health and spirit when you devise your own powerful rituals based upon the sample spells  presented in this book. Taking spellworking one step further, Ray Buckland gives you what you’ve been waiting for: Advanced Candle Magick.


Hunting, Leo – Esoterische dimensies in astrologie

Esoterische dimensies in astrologie
De theorie en praktijk van esoterie
Dit boek werpt een volkomen nieuw licht op de huidige astrologie en onthult haar verborgen lagen. Hier wordt haar oorspronkelijke vorm getoond en komen de verloren delen – esoterie en het astrale – weer op hun plaats. Uitgebreid wordt ingegaan op deze bijzondere verborgen energie’n die bovendien een diep inzicht geven in de mens. Deze niet-tastbare onderwerpen worden op een nuchtere en heldere manier beschreven met behulp van mensbeelden, waarbij ook oeroude astrologische bronnen zijn geraadpleegd.
In de eerste astrologische bronnen had God een astronomische plaats in de nachthemel en was Hij een onderdeel van oude astrologische inwijdingsleren. Onze huidige godsdiensten zijn grotendeels gebaseerd op de godsdienstige leringen van de zeven oude planeten. Zeer opmerkelijk in dit boek is de beschrijving van de planeten vanuit een esoterisch standpunt. De manier waarop Leo Hunting dit doet legt de diepste essentie van de planeten bloot. Bovendien wordt duidelijk dat kabbala en astrologie oorspronkelijk één waren. Volkomen nieuw zijn de esoterische en astrale trainingen op astrologische basis.
Leo Hunting houdt zich bezig met het geven van consulten en het opleiden van astrologen. Astrologische kennis is geen vereiste om zijn boek te kunnen lezen, wel interesse in de kennis van het esoterische.

Grimassi, Raven – Encyclopedia of wicca & witchcraft

Encyclopedia of wicca & witchcraft
Craft Elder and author Raven Grimassi has revised and expanded his indispensable reference work, the award-winning Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft. The first book of its kind to be written by a practicing Witch, this guide presents Wicca/Witchcraft as a spiritual path, connecting religious concepts and spirituality to both a historical background and modern practice.
With a wealth of information on European folklore and Western Occultism, and material relevant to any tradition, you can use this book to research any aspect of the Craft, including:
• Theology-pantheons, Wiccan Rede, Three-Fold Law
•  History-Craft roots and influence
•  Places-historical and sacred sites
•  Verses, rites, and invocations
•  Ritual objects and tools
•  Influential Witches-past and present
The Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft also contains a glossary of terminology; book references; Craft web sites, organizations, and magazines; magickal alphabets, runes, correspondences, symbols; and 300 illustrations.

McCoy, Edain – Faery Folk

A witch’s guide to Faery Folk
Work magick with help from the little people
All over the world, people have reported encounters with a race of tiny people who are neither human nor deity. This book reclaims that lost, rich heritage of working with faery folk that our Pagan ancestors took for granted.
Edain McCoy teaches how to work with faeries in a mutually beneficial way. Practice rituals and spells in which faeries can participate, and discover tips to help facilitate faery contact. These capricious creatures can help with divination, past life recall, scrying, and spiritual quests. Also included is a dictionary of more than 230 faeries that include goblins, gnomes, elementals, seasonal faeries, and angels.

Aswynn, Freya – Northern mysteries and magick

Northern mysteries and magick
Runes, Gods and Feminine powers
Revised edition of the classic Leave of Yggdrasil
Bring the power of the ancient runes into your life for divination and magic with Northern Mysteries & Magick (revised edition of Leaves of Yggdrasil) by Freya Aswynn.
The runes are more than an ancient alphabet. They comprise a powerful system of divination and a path to the subconscious forces operating in your life. Northern Mysteries & Magick is the only book of Nordic magick written by a woman, and it is the first to offer an extensive presentation of rune concepts, mythology, and magical applications inspired by Dutch/Friesian traditional lore.
Also unique in this book is the inclusion of the feminine Mysteries of the North. You’ll learn how they are represented in the runes. You will see how each of the major deities of Northern Europe still lives in the collective consciousness of people of Northern European descent.
– A complete analysis of the Elder Futhark Runes and their meanings
– How to use the runes for divination including several rune spreads
– Using the runes in magick
– Rune charms and power sigils
– Shamanic drumming and chanting
– Profiles of the eight major Gods
– The Northern Feminine mysteries featuring four major goddesses
The first edition of this book was considered a classic. Now, revised and expanded, Northern Mysteries & Magick is one of the most amazing and important books ever on the Runes and the magick of Northern Europe.