Silbury, Lira – The Sacred Marriage

The Sacred Marriage, honoring the God and Goddess with each other
blz. 264
1994 Llewellyn publications
Is your relationship with your partner everything you hoped it would be? Do you see your partner as a living manifestation of the Divine – and your sexual union as a gift to and from the Goddess and God? Or are you still trapped in old, unfulfiling relationship patterns? This text aims to transform every aspect of your relationship from the mundane to the exalted. The reader should be able to learn how – within the foundation of Wicca – they can build a deeper, more meaningful relationship through sharing meditation and ritual, dreaming together, celebrating the cycles of life and practicing sacred sexuality. If the reader has not yet found the right partner for such a relationship, they can discover ways to draw him or her to them through visualization, dream work or prayer. If the reader is already involved in a fulfilling relationship, this book should teach them more about honouring the Divine within the partnership, with over a dozen rituals written especially for couples, including the “sacred marriage” ceremony for consecrating a long-term commitment.