Fortune, Dion – An introduction to ritual magic

200┬ápagina’s | Thoth Publications | 2nd | april 1997
A this unique collaboration of two magical practitioners and teachers, presented with a valuable and up-to-date text on the practice of ritual or ceremonial magic as a practical, spiritual, and psychic discipline. In a work that has hitherto appeared only in fragmented form in rare journal articles, Fortune deals in successive chapters with Types of Mind Working; Mind Training; the use of Ritual; Psychic Perception; Ritual Initiation; the Reality of the Subtle Planes; Focusing the Magic Mirror; Channelling the Forces; the Form of the Ceremony; and the Purpose of Magic – with appendices on Talisman Magic and Astral Forms. Each chapter is supplemented and expanded by a companion chapter on the same subject, by Gareth Knight. He fills in practical information that Dion Fortune might have included had she been writing today.