Cunningham, Scott – Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Cunningham, Scott – Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Paperback | 240 Pagina’s | Llewellyn Publications | USA Edition | 2002
ISBN: 0875421318
Techniques of natural magic.
In het kort:
Selling over 200,000 copies, “Earth, Air, Fire & Water” features more than 75 spells, rituals, and ceremonies. Cunningham reveals the secrets of the four magical elements, in addition to the fifth one: spirit. He explores their basic nature and the types of rituals associated with each element. Herbs, stones, metals, musical instruments, colors, seasons, direction, and symbols corresponding with each element are also discussed. This bestselling guide to natural magic also introduces the basics of magic-concepts, techniques, and tools-to those who are new to the practice.