Carr-Gomm, Philip – De magie van Heksen en Drüiden

190 pagina’s | Centrale Uitgeverij Deltas | november 2006


Rituelen, inspiratie en technieken om uw magische krachten te ontwikkelen
Druïdisme en wicca zijn twee grote stromingen
binnen de westerse heidense traditie, die momenteel een ware renaissance beleven. Steeds meer mensen zijn in onze drukke samenleving immers op zoek naar een spiritualiteit die hun liefde voor de natuur en de aarde tot uiting brengt. Met de term druïderij brengt de auteur in dit boek de ideeën en waarden van deze twee tradities samen in een nieuwe spirituele stroming. Verder worden u magische rituelen, zegeningen en toverspreuken aangereikt, die u toegang zullen verschaffen tot uw eigen innerlijke krachten voor creativiteit, intuïtie en healing. Philip Carr-Gomm is psycholoog, hoofd-druïde van de Orde van Barden, Ovaten en Druïden in Engeland en auteur van verscheidene esoterische boeken.

Butler W.E. – The Magician

The Magician
His training and work
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Wilshire Book Company (December 1979)
This book is one of the best I know in the subject. When I first bought it about five years ago I could recognize this fact clearly. Nonetheless, it is my opinion that this book is not for absolute begginers. When I read it for the first time I understood some things, but others escaped my comprehension. The third chapter, for example, on Qabbalah, is quite technical and philosophical, perhaps even too “stratospehrical” for readers without SOME (not neccesarily large) formation on Qabbalah. Re-reading it now, after five years of constant work and study on the subject, all these doubts have been solved… but not precisely through THIS book. There is a good section on de Middle Pillar exercise and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and an excelentet chapter on talismans which includes the three different and interesting theories regarding the magical charge. On the whole, it is a very good book about magical theory, and in this it is accesible even to absolute new-commers to the subject, although technicalities make it a little dense even to the experienced reader. I would say that this book is a must for students of the occult and arm-chair and practical magicians alike, but I don’t give it five stars because even for the sholarly occultist it is sometimes a little hard. Nonetheless, anyone pursuing magical studies seriously should have read this book at least once. I would include it, along with Regardie’s, Fortune’s and Kraig’s books in the list of “10 books a magician should read”

Butler, W.E. – Lords of light

Lords Of Light – Path Of Initiation In Western Mysteries
160 pagina’s | illustrated edition | november 1990


W.E. Butler offers his personal insights on the spiritual life, and provides an accessible course of training in the Western mystery schools.


Buckland, Raymond – Witchcraft from the inside

240 pagina’s | Llewellyn Publications | 3 | september 2002


This text asserts the truth about where witchcraft has been, where it is now and where it’s heading. This book presents an overview of witchcraft from its prehistoric origins in sympathetic magick, its repression with the rise of Christianity, the Burning Times of the 16th and 17th centuries, Gerald Gardner’s initiation of the 1950s Wiccan revival, through to today’s growing Craft movement. Buckland offers an insider’s view of contemporary Wicca – how covens are formed and structured, the various branches of Wicca, Wiccan rituals, sabbats and esbats, performing ritual magic, working skyclad and using magical tools. He then goes on to discuss Wicca’s future, with material by contributing Wiccan authors Ed Fitch, Selena Fox, Michael Ragan and Zsuzanna Budapest on such sujects as teens and Wicca and feminist Wicca. This revised edition includes a new chapter on the Salem witchcraft trials.

Buckland, Raymond – Signs, Symbols & Omens

264 pagina’s | Llewellyn Publications | illustrated edition | mei 2003


From the well-known zodiacal signs of astrology to the intricacies of hex signs, the metaphysical field is replete with symbols and sigils. Many of them were incomprehensible to the uninitiated until now. Now you can reference more than 800 symbols in this guide by leading occult author Raymond Buckland. It includes the symbols, signs and omens observed in virtually every significant culture and religion in the world.


Buckland, Raymond – Complete book of witchcraft

272 pagina’s | Revised edition | september 2002


This volume is a complete resource to the study and practice of modern, non-denominational Wicca. The book is an illustrated, self-study course for the solitary or group. Included are rituals; exercises for developing psychic talents; information on all major sects of the craft; and sections on tools, beliefs, dreams, meditations, divination, herbal lore, healing and ritual clothing.