Fortune, Dion – Psychische zelfverdediging

Praktische aanwijzingen voor het constateren van en de verdediging tegen psychische aanvallen.
blz. 313
1992 UItgeverij Schors
Vertaling van: Psychic Self Defence
Explores the elusive psychic element in mental illness and, more importantly, details the methods, motives, and physical apsects of psychic attack, and how to overcome this energy. This revised edition includes an index and an additional explanatory note for contemporary readers

Farrar, Janet – Seanachai: Modern Celtic Fairy Stories DVD

Seanachai: Modern Celtic Fairy Stories
Over the last 15 years, Janet Farrar (best known for her books on Witchcraft) has gained a reputation as a storyteller among those who have seen her perform in this role at festivals and conferences in the US and Europe. After much demand, she has released some of her favourite stories on DVD. Produced and directed by Gavin Bone, her partner, this set of Modern Celtic Fairy stories, many written by Janet, includes scenes of Ireland, the land of the mists and fairy folk, set to music invoking the spirit of the Celtic Lands. These stories include:

  • Onessa: One of a Janet’s own stories. An ancient Goddess of Scotland is banished by a Christian monk and becomes a well-known legend, which passes down the ages, waiting to be awakened.
  • Peter Kagan and the Wind: A traditional story passed down by the fishing folk of the Celtic Isles. A Selkie – a seal woman – marries a fisherman who challenges the North Wind and loses. She makes the ultimate sacrifice for her love.
  • John O’Malley and the Banshee: A story by Janet. An Irish American expects to be carried away by his beautiful family Banshee when he dies but gets the shock of his life – or death – when she appears and admonishes his for his behaviour!
  • Jack Be Nimble: A story by Janet’s father, rewritten by Janet. A young welsh boy has a visitation during a fever. As an old man, the visitor returns when he is dying, and is not what he first seemed to be!
  • As I was going to St. Ives: A short traditional mystery rhyme from Cornwall. ‘Kits, Cats, Sacks, and Wives…’

Farrar, Janet & Stewart and Gavin Bone – Discovering witchcraft Complete DVD

The Witches’ Voice, August 23rd, 1998

This video is inspirational, magical and very much earth based. Thank you Janet, Stewart and Gavin for this intimate look into your lives and for making us proud to call ourselves Witches.

Product Description

Featuring Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone, these films are for all those interested in the paths of Magic and Witchcraft. Introduced and produced by leading authorities in their fields, these new films are exceptionally detailed in their explanations of what Magic and Wicca really mean, and provide significant insights into the actual practice of the Western Mystery Traditions. The aim throughout has been to produce a series which will be of genuine value to solo practitioners, new groups, and lone students alike. This new film, the first in a series featuring well-known authors Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone, was filmed entirely in Ireland, amid a magical landscape of ancient stone circles, 5,000-year old tombs, abandoned castles and rock carvings. Produced to professional standards, it follows the studies of a new initiate to the Craft, as she begins her exploration of the four mystical elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire and the inner, sp! iritual realities they represent. For the very first time, you can accompany a new student of Wicca as Janet, Stewart and Gavin explain the symbolism and use of the Witches magical tools, the pentacle, cup, wand, athame and sword, and join her as she learns to work with Earth Energies by dowsing and meditation at ancient Places of Power. Contents include:The origins of modern Wicca What witches believe Scrying and divination Witchcraft and healing Traditional herbal lore The tools of witchcraft The meaning of ritual The meaning and symbolism of the Elements Earth energy and places of power Invocation of the Goddess

Farrar, Janet & Stewart – Spells, and how they work

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd (October 29, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 0709092164
  • ISBN-13: 978-0709092162

Product Description

This book covers all aspects of spell-making – including psychic self-defence, sex magic, cabalistic magic, and talismans. There is a generous collection of actual spells, past and present, drawn from history, literature, folklore, old grimoires, and the years of experience of the authors.

About the Author

Janet and Stewart Farrar, authors of many books on witchcraft, were well-known witches who appeared frequently in the media. Stewart Farrar died in 2000.

Farrar, Janet & Stewart – The Witches Goddess

319 pagina’s | Phoenix Publishing | juni 1987
This book is of great practical value in discovering and celebrating the transforming energy of the Feminine Principle of Divinity. Part I covers the myriad faces of the Goddess revealed, including: Her presence throughout history; Her Earth and Moon symbolism; Her Madonna and Magdalene disguises; Her revelation within the psyche; Her relationship with women; Her influence today; and much more. Part II covers ritual invocations of the Goddess in 13 guises: from Ishtar to Isis, from Hecate to Aphrodite, from Epona to Ma’at. Part III gives an alphabetical listing of more than 1000 goddesses including a brief history and the main correspondences of each. This is an important work by the Farrars providing an indepth exploration of the Goddess in her many aspects at a time when Western culture is awakening to the influence of Feminine Divinity, both individually and collectively.

Farrar, Janet & Stewart – The Witches God

278 pagina’s | Atlasbooks Dist Serv | april 1989
Exploring the Masculine Principle of Divinity This companion volume to The Witches’ Goddess re-establishes the ancient balance between God and Goddess. Part I covers the many concepts of the God examined, including: His faces throughout history; The Son/Lover God; The Vegetation God; The War God; The Anti-God; and more Part II gives a close look at 12 individual gods of history with an appropriate invoking ritual for each. Part III presents a comprehensive dictionary of over 1000 gods from many world cultures, past and present. The Farrars are among the best-known authors on the Craft, and in The Witches’ God have written what is likely to become the standard work on the masculine god aspect.

Eliade, Mircea – De magie van het alledaagse

blz. 133
1992 Kosmos pockets voor de nieuwe tijd
In onze overgerationaliseerde samenleving stijgt de behoefte aan een nieuwe spirituele beleving van leven en dood. In wezen is de door de westerse wetenschap gecreëerde  zuiver verstandelijke mens een abstractie die in de werkelijkheid nergens voorkomt. Want de mens werd en wordt in zijn bestaan gevoed door impulsen die uit het diepste van zijn wezen komen – het gebied dat we het onbewuste noemen.
Mircea Eliade, een van de grondleggers van de moderne godsdienstwetenschap, laat in dit inmiddels klassiek geworden meesterwerk overtuigend zien hoe de inhoud en de structuur van ons onbewuste verbazingwekkende gelijkenissen vertonen met de mythologieën van alle volkeren op Aarde.

Eliade, Mircea – Het heilige en het profane

blz. 162
1977 Meulenhoff editie
Mircea Eliade roept in dit inmiddels klassieke werk de antieke wereld op die nog geen scheiding kende tussen het heilige en het alledaagse.Het dagelijkse leven was ingebed in het heilige. Een huis was niet alleen praktisch maar ook heilig omdat het een afspiegeling was van het scheppingswerk van de goden. De opening in de nok was niet alleen een rookafvoer maar symboliseerde vooral de blijvende verbinding met de kosmos.Eliade schetst een wereld van betekenissen achter betekenissen en laat in dit meesterwerkje met veel overtuigende voorbeelden zien hoe inhoud en structuur van ons onbewuste verbazingwekkende overeenkomsten vertonen met de mythologieen van á¡lle volkeren op aarde.Het religieuze met zijn rituelen en symbolen bepaald nog steeds het leven van de mens. Zelfs de seculiere maatschappij berust op religieuze structuren.


NBD|Biblion recensie
Een klassieke fenomenologische inleiding in de godsdienstwetenschap die ‘beschrijft in welke verschijningsvorm het heilige zich voordoet en de situatie van de mens beschrijft in een wereld die geladen is met religieuze waarden’ (pagina 17). De auteur benoemt het heilige als macht en realiteit. De verschijningsvormen ervan in ruimte en tijd, in natuur en kosmos, en in het menselijk bestaan worden in vier hoofdstukken beschreven. Nadruk ligt op de niet-hedendaagse vormen. De geschiedenis van de godsdienstwetenschap krijgt een apart hoofdstuk en het nawoord geeft toelichting op de titel. Voorzien van uitgebreide noten en literatuurverwijzingen, plus verklarende woordenlijst, biografische notitie, bibliografie en register. De prettige en intelligente vertaling is van verschillende gerenommeerde handen. Dit deel 6 in de reeks ‘Fenomenologische klassieken’ is een aanrader voor ieder die de studie van de ervaring van het of de Andere – het numineuze – ter harte gaat. Zie ook de andere delen in de reeks over onder meer Rudolf Otto en William James. De meest recente Nederlandse ‘erfgenaam’van Eliade is Tjeu van den Berk, met bijvoorbeeld ‘Het numineuze’ (2005)*.
(Biblion recensie, Drs. P.W.A. Stuurman)